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10 x 320Wp PERC / i3.0 KODAK Domestic Package

R 29,211.30
SKU M320-PR-10-KODAK-I3.0

10 x 320Wp PERC / i3.0 KODAK Domestic Package

This part is a special offer made up of the following items:

Deliver a fully-Kodak system to your customer with this package comprising high efficiency PERC modules and a grid-tied Kodak inverter.

Having all the main system components from the same brand allows for easier consistent sales focus from you to your customer. Why spend time selling the benefits of two or more different manufacturers when one is all you need?

The Kodak modules feature PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact/Cell) technology. PERC-enhanced modules benefit from several important features:

  • Higher yield: the rear contacts on the cells mean that the module strings achieve a higher maximum current than standard Mono in the same light intensity. This produces higher power and so a higher annual yield.
  • Better low-light performance: PERC-enhanced modules are able to generate even higher current in low-light conditions than standard Mono.
  • Excellent temperature coefficients: PERC modules, especially the Kodak range, are affected less by increasing ambient temperatures than standard Mono. This attribute is especially important for metal roofs, or sites in especially hot climates.

The Kodak grid-connected inverter is the ideal machine for transferring that improved PERC yield into useful energy for the home. Reliable, clear and easy to install.