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1000V Protection Pack 12 Inputs 12 Outputs 16A Isolator Type I_II SPD

by Segen
R 34,799.30
SKU DCB-NF-12I-1000V-I16A-I_II-12O

1000V Protection Box 6 Inputs 6 Outputs 16A Isolator Type I_II SPD

This part is made up of the following items:
2 x DCB-NF-6I-1000V-I16A-I_II-6O 1000V Protection Box 6 Inputs 6 Outputs 16A Isolator Type I_II SPD

Quad Tracker Package

This is a package intended to offer robust DC surge protection for larger commercial inverters. It comprises 3 x DCB-NF-4I-1000V-I16A-I_II-4O to allow for complex DC design across multiple module orientations. 

The spec for the individual boxes: 

Outdoor-rated DC box for easily adding protection features to the PV strings into your MPPT. The box includes several features that reduces the amount of separate components you need to install.

Inputs and Outputs

This unit combines 4 PV input pairs into 4 DC outputs. The inputs and outputs have MC4 connectors pre-fitted. There is also a gland output for earthing.

DC isolation: rated at 16A and 1000V

DC surge protection

This unit has Citel Type 1 & 2 DC surge arrestors included and is suitable for installation sites that experience frequent lightning strikes. The SegenSolar design tool estimates the strike rate of a given postcode location and recommends whether Type 1 or 2 protection is appropriate.