3KVA Two Half Solar Home System DIY Kit




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3KVA Two Quarter Solar Home System DIY Kit

The kit comprises the following components:

  • 1.5KW Solar Array
  • Roof Mounting Kit (tiled roof/tin roof)
  • Axpert 3KVA/2.4KW 60A MPPT Inverter
  • 24V 400Ah Solar AGM Battery Bank Capacity
  • Prewired Backboard to suit the Axpert 3KVA and 5KVA Inverter


Backboard consisting of:

      • 20-amp AC Input and Output circuit breakers
      • 20-amp AC Transfer Switch
      • 60-amp PV Isolator
      • 2 x 100-amp Battery Fuses
      • 120-amp Anderson Plug (Batteries)
      • 35mm Battery cable and Battery Links
      • Wall mounted under the inverter.