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i-Node 22.4kWh / 18.3kWh usable (440Ah Pack Capacity) LiFePO4 Battery Pack

by i-G3N
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i-Node 22.4kWh / 18.3kWh usable (440Ah Pack Capacity) LiFePO4 Battery Pack

i-Node 4 in parallel in Master & slave Configuration

The i-Node is our high quality energy storage unit that has been designed to represent the next generation of smart home and business lithium iron phosphate batteries. It comes standard with built-in intelligence and stable discharge performance that enables the provision power to your
home/business for extended periods of time.

Unique to the iNode’s design, is the use of high-quality chemistry Lifepo4 cells (used in military applications) which allows it to withstand the most rigorous usage. It is designed to provide business/home users with more than 4000 cycles at 80% DOD and comes fully equipped with unrivalled monitoring capability.

Trust the i-Node to serve as the perfect lithium iron phosphate battery for your power backup and off-grid needs.

Top Features

  • 5kWh to 100kWh i-Node features
  • Suitable for use as replacement in lead-acid based systems
  • Suitable for most inverter based systems with full monitoring and CANbus capabilities
  • Suitable for a small house or small business
  • Suitable for UPS or Self Consumption based systems
  • The system is scalable and caters for future requirements by installing parallel units
  • Military grade lithium iron phosphate cells tested for durability and safety
  • Wide temperature operational range (Discharge-20~60 Celsius) (Charge -10~50 celsuis)
  • Can be used and charged below zero operations ( cold storage industry)
  • 4000 cycles at 80% DOD
  • OTA Configuration capability
  • Built in Battery protection
  • Can-bus enabled
  • On-board Diagnostics via Blue Tooth