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Solis 485 Cable Loom for Data Logging Box ( links 3 inverters )

by Solis
Sold out
R 1,203.60

Connect up to 3 Solis inverters to a single data logging box

Introducing the Solis Cable Loom for data logging

To be used in conjunction with the Solis DLB data logging box. 
This pre-made wiring loom allows for connection of up to 3 Solis inverters using COM1 (Green) plug to one Data Logging Box . (Can also be used for connecting two inverters.) 
Ideal for connecting inverters together. 

The Solis 485 Cable Loom for the Data Logging Box allows for connection of up to 3 Solis inverters, and so is an ideal communications solution for larger residential or small commercial sites.

The kit can collect information regarding the solar PV system from the inverters. With the integrated WiFi function, the kit can connect to a router and transmit data to the web server, allowing remote monitoring for users. In addition, Ethernet is also available as a connection option to allow transmission of data.

Both the loom and data box are now in stock and available to order along with a host of Solis 4G inverters from 700W to 4600W in single and dual tracking options.

Advantages of Solis in three phase applications

In instances where there is an unbalanced Distribution Board, each Solis inverter will produce power as per the load on each phase therefore the inverters are not restricted to the lowest phase and overall you have a more efficient system.

Cost comparison on the inverters and communications have shown can save you up to 40% when installing three Solis 4G inverters with communication kit vs a three phase inverter with communication kit.