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12V - 100Ah Ritar Lead Carbon (AGM) Battery

by Ritar
R 3,120.00
SKU T0003911

12V - 100Ah Ritar Lead Carbon (AGM) Battery

    DC-C series lead-carbon batteries use functional activated carbon and graphene as carbon materials, which are added to the negative plate of the battery to make lead carbon batteries. They have the advantages of both lead-acid batteries and super
    capacitors. It not only improves the ability of rapid charge and discharge, but also greatly prolongs the battery life, more than 5000 cycles at 30% DOD.


    • Home energy storage system
    • Smart power grid and micro-grid system
    • Distributed energy storage system
    • Solar and wind energy storage system
    • Solar power generation grid or off-grid energy storage system
    • Generation and battery hybrid energy storage system